Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine

This division is characterized for the use of prudent antibiotics and antimicrobial resistance. For the use and prevention of hospital infections and parasitology. Among the tropical diseases are: dengue, malaria, yellow fever, leishmaniasis and infections in transplanted patients.

Vaccinology and Traveler's Medicine

Enjoy your trip with peace and tranquility with new vaccines and applications for infectious diseases that can be found in some areas. For your convenience, you can find supplements to accompany you on your trip. Therapeutic vaccines are available at the same time with which the cancer can be treated.

Monitoring and Evaluation of Health Systems

Responsible of supervising the execution of projects financed with national and international funds. We evaluate the processes and programs and then execute them. We have advice for the elaboration, planning and execution of health policies.

Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases

We have a network of sentinel points for epidemiological surveillance at a national level. At the same time, a system is working which generates early notifications using high-end communication technology. With this information, prevalence studies can be done at a national level.

Diagnostics Area

We have a laboratory equipped with cutting-edge technology for the diagnosis of infectious diseases. We are specialists in all areas of microbiology: parasitology, bacteriology, virology, mycology and immunology.

Teaching and Investigation Area

We carry out research of scientific nature in the areas of interest of the foundation. As well as the holding of congresses, courses and other types of scientific training activities on a regular basis. We train specialized personnel in the different areas: infectious diseases, tropical medicine, microbiology and epidemiology.

Communications Area

In charge of public relations and the creation of a means of communication within a periodic amount of time. We elaborate texts (books and manuals) with an academic and scientific goal to support the education in the areas of interest of the foundation.

Administration and Management Area

In charge of administration, finance, marketing and legal aspects. The medium- and long-term purpose of the foundation is to be viable and self-sustaining. It is responsible for the management of funds at a national and international level.

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